UV DTF Transfers Gang sheet Wholesale 120" x 22"


120" height  x 22 wide" UV DTF Transfers Gang Sheet.

Our UV DTF stickers are made using top-notch UV DTF printing technology, ensuring vibrant colors that shine! The strong adhesive on the stickers keeps them securely in place on various surfaces.

Note: All orders incur a flat rate for UPS ground shipping, regardless of the order size! Make the most of this by placing orders in larger quantities. Shipping upgrades are available at checkout time.

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Incorporating small thin text and fine details in these sticker transfers is possible, BUT not advisable due to potential loss of fine details and adherence issues. Highly recommended adding 1-2pt stroke to serif fonts. While these transfers exhibit strong adhesion on most hard surfaces, we recommend testing on your specific surface for optimal results, as adherence may vary. Please note that dish-wash testing has not been conducted, and we strongly advise testing before undertaking larger projects. Order a small sheet before committing to larger sheets when planning to adhere to an unknown surface. Not meant for prolonged exposure to outdoor elements.

UV DTF stickers are ideal for hard goods, such as items made of glass, plastic, and metal. The exceptional adhesive ensures that your UV DTF transfers adhere securely to items such as laptops, water bottles, car   windows, wine glasses, tumblers and more. Our cost-effective UV DTF gang sheets offer ample space for multiple custom designs, messages, and artwork.

Please note that while durable, we cannot guarantee their performance in all conditions. They are not  recommended for prolonged exposure to outdoor elements and are not recommended for use in the dishwasher.

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